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Community Music Highlight: New Horizons Band

New Horizons Band!
Upcoming concert May 12th@ The Senior Center Iowa City, Iowa.

New Horizons Band started in 1991, when Dr. Roy Ernst had envisioned that many adults, as they approached and entered retirement, would be interested in making music in a group setting, but might not have the skills or confidence to get started.
 Dr. Don Coffman started new Horizons Band in Iowa City about 10 years ago.  NHB provides entry points to music making for adults-even if they have no musical background. The experience level of the members varies.  Some members have been playing for years, some just started playing music when they joined the band, others have a large musical back ground but picked up a new instrument, and some are retired music professionals. The population of the group is largely affected by the requirements for membership in New Horizons Band.  To be a member of the band, you must be a member of the Senior Center in Iowa City and be at least 55 years of age.  NHB in Iowa City has 65 members. Some of those members have also started their own bands!  They travel all around Iowa playing for various occasions.  Most either don’t get paid (because they don’t want to get paid) or, if they do get paid, they donate the money back to NHB. Over the past 10 years New Horizons Band has gotten to be so big, they had to add another band: The Linn street band.
The main goal of NHB is to enjoy music making in a safe environment.  The volunteers’ role is to empower, encourage and empathize with the members.  Another goal is for the members to learn music and perform in public. The main difference between NHB and a typical band is that they focus on really enjoying the process of getting better.  Dr. Coffman’s philosophy is to create enjoyable social, music, and learning experiences. He strives to create an environment of mutual respect and enjoyment.
I got a chance to observe one of the rehearsals and it was so much fun! They were practicing hard, and the atmosphere was super inviting and supportive. There truly was a sense of community-this word community is continually being transformed for me, it has gone through many definitions in my mind, but when I was sitting in that rehearsal the idea of community could only be described as a feeling.  I felt connected to these people even though I was merely observing.
The director of NHB in Iowa City is Dr. Don Coffman.  Dr. Coffman is a professor of music education at the University of Iowa.  One of his main areas of research focuses on community music programs, and the positive effects of music in seniors.  During an interview Dr. Coffman had the following to say about the program:
“New Horizons Band Rehearsals are the highlight of my job at the University.  Even if I am having a bad morning, or feeling tired, I always feel better after attending rehearsal.  Being part of NHB has made me feel much more connected to the Iowa City community.”
The assistant director of NHB is a senior music education student at the University of Iowa.  Each section also has a student conductor.  Dr. Coffman selects the music education students each year.  This year the assistant director is Pam Schroeder.  As a music education student Pam took many techniques of conducting courses through her junior year of college, then there were no more classes offered. She said being a part of NHB has been Extremely Beneficial for her and the other students. Coming up with a lesson plan, as well as a conducting and teaching strategy gives the students great experience and practice for their future.  Pam thinks NHB is something all students should get a chance to do. Learning from, and working with senior citizens is a great experience for life as well as for becoming a future music director.
I also got to chat with some of the members and see one of the small group rehearsals. 3 lovely ladies, very excited about their time making music together were sitting in a circle working through a tricky jazz piece.  They provided each other support while working the rhythm. One of the women happened to be a music therapist in town who actually got her degree at the University of Iowa, another woman started the saxophone when she joined the band having had no previous experience, and another played the cello for years and picked up the sax when she started NHB-she plays a mean sax-and she’s 79!  She shared a story from her childhood about when she sang and danced to the same song as a 5 year old in a talent show.  They worked out the beat and one says to the other  “I’m glad I have you here-this is a tricky song.” New Horizons Band is providing amazing music opportunities not only to the members, but to the directors and student directors as well!  Many times society puts limits on people who are older-this band is showing us all that they can still rock!
New Horizons Band is an international program.  You can find out more about NHB and how/where you can join at 

Also: look up these great articles by Dr. Coffman for even more information!
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Complementary, Rewarding Relationships
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